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Jill was sliding her hands down to my bottom and squeezed it firmly . I almost collapsed in her arms , right there at that moment . I drew my head away from her shoulder and cupper her face with my hands . I laid my lips upon hers . Jill's lips were already slight open , inviting me inside her mouth , when I first touched them with my own . I was staring at her , but her eyes were closes as our kiss began . In fact , she seemed very relaxed . When Jill gave my shorts covered ass another hard squeeze , I slipped my tongue in her mouth . That caused her eyes to open , and I saw a happy expression on her lovely face , followed by a giggle . She again squeezed my ass and found my tongue with her won , causing them to slip and turn around together . Jill and I were standing at the foot of my bed , our bodies close and holding each other tight , kissing each other deeply with our tongue . It must have been quit a sight .

The kisses became deeper and deeper . I was now sure that Jill wanted me just as much as I wanted her . I wish I had told her sooner ! Our tongues slid together in her mouth for quite some time . Jill eventually pushed my tongue into my own mouth , shifting the licking action . I enclosed my arms around her and squeezed tightly . It only made the kiss stronger . It was so erotic ! I then slipped a hand down under Jill's skirt and gave her ass a sharp pinch . In response , she broke the kiss and squealed in surprise . She ten looked at my with a big smile on her face , her hand massaging my own ass . I needed to say something to her : ' Jill , I don't want to force anything . Are you sure about this ? ' Jill smacked my ass with her hands and said : ' Shut up ! '

Hot Lesbians

I giggled and got into the right position , placing my knees on either side of her face , and lowering my pussy to her mouth . When her tongue first touched my pussy , I almost jumped . A shock ran straight through my body . I had to grab the headboard in front of me to keep me from loosing balance ! Jill's hands tightly grabbed my ass and then she began to move her tongue all over my vagina . I was holding the headboard , moaning in lust above her . Her tongue felt fantastic . I was trying to hold my orgasm inside of me . I wanted this to last longer ! I also figured that Jill wanted to continue eating me longer . My moans had turned into soft screams now , and I was rocking back and forth while her tongue worked on my pussy . I screamed at the top of my lungs , simply letting myself go . And what followed was a very strong orgasm . My body was shaking and trembling in pleasure , my knees tight around her face . A series of screams came from deep within me until the orgasm finally ended .

I leaned forward and placed my face against the top of the headboard letting out a lustful sigh . I was still recovering till Jill said : ' Jeena , how about returning the favor ? ' I turned around and noticed that Jill had scooted our from under me . In face , she was laying at the other end of the bed now , her legs spread wide , without that red thong . That had been the last remaining piece of clothing between us . She must have took if off while I was enjoying the orgasm . My eyes moved downward , noticing that her pubic hairs were blonde and seemed to be very thin and short . I could easily see that she was wet . On my knees I bent over completely till my face was between her thighs . I placed both my hands on her hips and then gently extended my tongue to her pussy . Jill moaned in passion , wrapping her legs around my head . I looked up at her , realizing I had done something good . I continued the same moves with my tongue , gently slipping over her clit . She was soaking wet . Her juices tasted sweet . I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and drove my tongue inside her . Jill moaned , enjoying my work . My tongue moved in slow and moved in circles .

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